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Friday, September 28, 2007

Rafting The Deschutes River

So, I got to raft the Deschutes River this summer with my friend Brian! It has been 16 years since I rafted this river with Dolan Family! It was so much fun. There is so much beautiful scenery to take in.

He stopped many times throughout the run to do some fishing. Not once did he get a bite :( He would keep telling me how he caught this one fish in a certain spot back in Nam, World War II, etc. It was hillarious (guess you had to be there). I love his sense of humor.

After our rafting trip we went to Maupin Days where they had live music and different booths with art, food, etc. We got some MooElk Jerkey (Moose & Elk together). It was pretty good, very tender. We were strolling along and the guy suckered us into buying some. He let us sample it 1st of course but it was good.

After a long day of rafting, we decided to go to dinner at this very nice restaurant along the river. We sat outside and the weather was beautiful. While enjoying our dinner, there were at least 15 - 20 different groups rafting down the river. They would wave! I was glad I was able to do something fun & raft the river this summer. With moving to The Dalles, I wasn't sure if I would get to do much.

Brian & I have lots of fun and I enjoy is company. He will be coming to Roseburg with me in a couple of weeks to help me bring back a few more things of mine with his truck and to meet the fam. I found a renter to move in the 1st of November!

Well, that is my update for awhile.


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