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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Jeremy & Christa Herzer's Wedding

This is Jeremy & Christa Herzer's wedding. Yes, this is the groom and bride. There was no wedding party. It was very unique, fun and a non-traditional. I knew it would be but wasn't sure what to expect. It was a short sweet ceremony and the rest was a party.

Jeremy had his own band playing and they rocked the place. It was so fun to dance with everyone. Emily Olson and I started a conga line and got the party started. There was not a cake but instead icecream and every topping you could imagine. They also had food served before the ceremony and it was very yummy!

It was like a reunion because I got to see all of her family and most of the congregation of Calvary Community where I grew up going to church. I had a wonderful time that weekend of spending time with my friends. It sounds like there are going to be more weddings coming soon!  
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