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Thursday, April 07, 2005

This is my life!

Hello friends & family!
Hope you are all well and having fun in whatever you do! I am well and keeping very busy with work, church, and hanging out with friends and family. Coming up this summer will be two years here in Roseburg for me. I feel I have been here for years and have made many new friends and definately feel at home. Here are a few updates for me:

  • I work as a receptionist for a family doctor and our office is moving into a brand new building (very nice) the 1st week of May. I have requested to check the patients out and will be making follow-up appointments and referring them to see specialists for other appointments. We refer several patients to Eugene, Medford, OHSU, etc. because of their special needs.
  • I am leading a small group for our junior high girls at church and have been meeting with them monthly as a group and then going to their homes and hanging out with them individually to get to know them better and connect. I have about 10 - 15 girls and 6-7 of them attend regularly and seem to enjoy coming. I actually like the smaller group setting because it is easier to get to know them. We have fun doing all sorts of activities. Bowling, roller skating, eating ice cream, etc. They are a great bunch. We had a sleep over awhile back and watched Napolean Dynamite and had a blast trying to learn "the dance".
  • Lastly, I love people and hanging out with my homies. Especially my two neices. They are so much fun. Sophie says, "Hi, Aunt Heeha". Mattie just stares at me and occasionally laughs. They are full of life and always busy with playing with toys or me reading books. It is a wonderful thing to be an Aunt and I'm sure it will be even more wonderful to be a mother someday.

This is all for now but I will expand more later and keep you all posted on any other news or exciting adventures. I would love to post pictures but still haven't figured out how yet. Be patient and love you all. Leah