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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Covenant Christian - Hood River

Well, today I went to church at CCC in Hood River and loved it. It was so nice to see old friends and catch up! I got to see Tom & Lisa Rosette, the Stranz', Bob Worthen, the Clark's, the Phillips, & and many more people I grew up with. They were so kind and welcoming! I think I found my new home church!
They had a BBQ after church and it was nice to meet new people and feel apart of a family. They have many things going on and I hope to get more involved soon.

I had an ankle injury last week during my move and found out I fractured it. I finally saw a Dr. and got xrays because it was huge, swollen, and still very painful. I have to get some sort of boot to keep it stable.
Tonight I was playing around and dancing with Nikki's girls and it popped and I had instant pain again and screamed. I scared Nikki but I couldn't help it. I felt stupid of course but she gave me some crutches to keep off of it until I can get a soft boot. How embarrassing. Anyway, I love it here in The Dalles and miss everyone back home but know it is time for a new season and growth in my life. I love you all in the Burg and hope to see you soon!

I love these girls!

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Nikki's daughters, Hannah & Lauren

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