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Friday, April 15, 2005

Yard Work!

Hello peeps,
Kristen has pushed me to keep you all updated with my ever so fun filled life events. This weekend I plan to work on my front yard for curb appeal and because it really needs it. I have a plug-in push lawn mower that is tricky but fun to use and so far I have succeeded to not run over the cord. I'm sure it is quite comical to watch.
I have a friend from church who has volunteered to help me and because I am not a pro at this stuff and definitely need the help. I have never been the gardening type. (I just had a funny flashback of Kristen, Robin, Chris & I trying to weedwack the whole lawn when we lived at our little place in Washougal. It took for ever because the lawn was almost as tall as us). I hope it doesn't rain tomorrow because that has been the record here lately. Lots of rain. I feel like I'm still in Washington.
There is also a Rodeo going on this weekend and I would love to go. I just need to find someone to go with me. I have gone alone before but it is much more fun to enjoy with friends. Many of you know that I love to watch cowboys! Who doesn't? This year I plan to go to the Pendleton Round Up for the first time. It should be lots of fun.
I had lots of fun at Mattie Sky's 1st birthday party. She is such a funny girl. She got a nemo bubble blowing machine and Sophia loves it more than her. I will post some pictures soon. Still haven't figured it out. I'll let you know how the front yard turns out. Talk to you all later!
PS - Happy Birthday Jared Throop & Sean Hommestaad, Love Leah