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Sunday, June 12, 2005

The Stone Family & baby Isabella Posted by Hello

Prayer needed for Isabella

Hello everyone,
Some of you may know or have heard about Isabella Stone. She is a precious miracle. Her parents attend GVCA and have been there for many years and her aunt is Christina Jackson who did Master's Commission several years ago. Her parents, Shane & Jessica Stone are at OHSU with their daughter for many surgeries scheduled. She has already gone through a major surgery and has more to go. I don't know all of the details as of now but I do know that she needs prayer.

Hearing from Laura her other aunt her blood count went down to 16 and had to receive a blood transfusion. She is also running a fever, which means there could be an infection going on. She is on hemo dialysis and awaiting for a kidney transplant. She has fought for life since birth and isn't ready to give up. Please keep her and the family in prayer as this is a difficult time and she needs another miraculous healing. God has a plan for her and her generation.

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