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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

My other family who has adopted me! My best friend Becca & her family. We hang out quite a bit. Posted by Picasa

Aren't they cute? I love you guys. Thanks for letting me come over and play in the pool and invade your home!!! Posted by Picasa

Two of my little goggle eyed friends. Adi & Syd playing in the pool. Posted by Picasa

We've been having 90 degree weather here so Syd & I had to take a dip in the pool! It felt oh so nice to cool off. Posted by Picasa

The GVCA burger flipper's. We had a BBQ fundraiser after church Sun. for the Philippines team that leaves in Aug.  Posted by Picasa

Rache & Brian working hard!!! Posted by Picasa

The whole gang getting ready to serve some hungry people. Posted by Picasa

Would you like onions, lettuce, tomatoes, & cheese, or mac & potatoe salad with your order? Posted by Picasa

A few young handsome men at GVCA taking a break. Posted by Picasa

Happy 3rd Birthday Sophia. Sophia had her Birthday Party this last Sat. at mom and dad's. She played in the water with her friends. She had a sprinkler, pool, and slip n' slide. It was such a beautiful day.  Posted by Picasa

Sophia is anxious to open her presents to see what she got! Hum, I wonder what this one is? Posted by Picasa

Sophia is learning how to be a mommy quick. She loves dolls and Barbie's. It's especially funny to watch her discipline them. Posted by Picasa

I love Barbie's. How many did I end up with mom? Posted by Picasa

What is it? A camera. I can blog like mommy and auntie too! Posted by Picasa

Can you believe they have a three year old already? They look so young and vibrant. It seems like yesterday when Sophie was born. Posted by Picasa

Wow, look what I got. Isn't she pretty? Posted by Picasa

Nana & Papa got her a beautiful princess outfit. Her party theme was "Pink Princess or Barbie".  Posted by Picasa

Mattie is getting so big. Before we know it she'll be turning three. Mattie loves her Auntie! Posted by Picasa

Happy Birthday to you Sophia. Make a wish!!! Posted by Picasa

Sophia & some of her buddies from church. Posted by Picasa

Papa & Nana (mom & dad) relaxing in the shade. Lots of sun that day so dad was squinting. Posted by Picasa

Sophia chillin' and thinking about how fun her party is. Posted by Picasa

My bro & I hangin' at the party. I had been doing a garage sale all day and was finally able to come over for awhile!!! Posted by Picasa

Who had a slip n' slide? Whitney wasn't afraid.  Posted by Picasa

I'm not sure I want to do it. Looks slippery. Posted by Picasa