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Monday, August 08, 2005

GC Summer Blast - Last Thursday Service

Like the last chance summer dance, we had our last GC summer service. We had a lot of fun this year. We had great teachings, awesome worship, incredible testimonies and lots of fun games. Every week we had a different game including toilet trivia to the limbo, etc. We had "Invite Nights" once a month and provided free pizza, hotdogs, etc. to bring in new guests.

I know we will have some new changes this fall and I'm looking forward to Family Night starting Wednesday nights in September!!! I hope everyone has a fun summer off and comes back refreshed and ready for something new and exciting.

Thanks to Matthew & Sabrina for all their efforts and fearlessly leading our generation! You have been incredible role models to our young and old congregation! We had lots of fun and I hope next year will be even better.

I posted some pictures of our last service and we had fun playing Battle of the Sexes. Also, the kids competed to win different prizes. I won a DVD of skateboarding and other cool stuff and nearly got trampled in doing so but I got it!!! Watch out for Rachelle, she tackled me like we were playing football or something? Anyway, have a great Summer and see you soon. GC Rocks!

Anna & Rachel hanging out before our last GC service for the summer.  Posted by Picasa

Wyndee & Angela (mother's of the two cute little boy's in the next picture). They are such a compliment to the GC team. Thanks for all your work ladies! Posted by Picasa

Bryce & Malachi are buds. They like to come to GC too! Posted by Picasa

Kyle was our host for most of the toilet trivia games and he was worth it just to play. He would crack us up with reading the board incorrectly on "accident" of course. Posted by Picasa

The faithful GC'ers. Have a good summer off and come back! Posted by Picasa

Who can yodle the best for a free GC shirt? Have you ever heard a Spanish Yodle? It was pretty good. Way to go Anna! Posted by Picasa

Alan serenading me with, "You are so beauitful to me"; to compete for a free GC t-shirt. He was so charming and he won!!! Posted by Picasa

GVCA Gals. We're ready for the Battle Of The Sexes Game. Bring it on!!! Posted by Picasa

The GVCA Guys. They don't look to enthused. I think they're scared we are going to kick butt. Posted by Picasa

Come on Laura. We can't let the guys win this.  Posted by Picasa

Sarah looks to the gals for an answer. Quick, she needs a lifeline.  Posted by Picasa

Dusti & Craig Weinberg (brother & sister) ready for a challenge. Sad to say Craig makes a score.  Posted by Picasa

Alan looks stumped. These are some tough questions. Posted by Picasa

Lynette & Kyle for the last round. It's neck to neck. Will it be a tie? Who will win? Posted by Picasa

Girls Rock! Need I say anymore? Posted by Picasa