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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Shriner's Circus

Mom & I took the girls to the circus a few weeks ago. I definatley enjoyed it much more when I was their age. It was so funny. I don't think I will be going back anytime soon unless it's the Cirque du soleil. I have always wanted to see that. I guess I'll have to go to Vegas!

Anyway, just thought I would make some updates. I enjoyed having the GL's with us last week. I also enjoyed getting to see Kristen. We got to just hang and talk about the good ol' days and all kinds of stuff. Shop, have coffee and just laugh and cry together. I miss you so much sis and thanks for all the love and support! You are an amazing lifelong friend. I hope to make a trip to Colorado soon! xoxo

I was laughing so hard taking pictures of my mom with Mattie because she was practically jogging to keep up with these ponies.

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She rode all by herself!

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Cotton Candy beard!

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Watching the Lions & Tigers!

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