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Friday, February 01, 2008

Update from Leah

It's been awhile since I've blogged. Here are a few updates: Brian & I decided to take a trip to visit his grandparents and cousins. He hasn't seen his grandparents for about 8 years. They have never met Jordan so this was an exciting visit.

His grandfather is 88 and quite cute in his overalls. His grandmother is very sweet and was so happy to see them. Brian didn't tell them we were coming. We showed up at the doorstep and surprised them.

I also got to meet his cousin Jess, her husband Luke and their three adorable boys. They were very sweet and hospitable. We had a good time visiting with them and look forward to another trip soon. We were going to take Jordan to OMSI or the Walking with the Dinosaurs but he would much rather play with his cousins.

I am still here in The Dalles and love it here. I spend time with Nikki & her sweet girls Lauren & Hannah. In fact, I am here more than I'm at my place. I have a little apartment and it's so quiet. I love the noise of children!

I am actually at Nik's now and getting ready to do a puzzle. Here are a few recent pics I took with my new camera! Brian got it for me for Christmas. He is the sweetest guy! I am very glad to know him and have him in my life!

He recently took me to a movie for my birthday and I highly recommend you all see the Bucket List. It was very good. I even teared up. I hope you are all well in this new year of 2008. Keep on bloggin' Seacrest out (I mean Leah out).

Lauren, Hannah & Jordan.

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Brian's Grandparents!

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Brian's Grandma & I

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Casey, Jaeden & Jordan

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Jaeden's lookin' cute!

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Jordan & 3rd cousin

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Brian & his beautiful cousin Jess

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