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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Assortment of pictures new and old.

I decided to go through my picture files and pull out some of my favorites for all to see. Some are of friends all the way in The Dalles, Hood River, Washougal/Camas, MapleValley, and finally Roseburg.

I have many wondeful friends all over and wish you were all closer but it's just not possible. That's why I love this blogging thing because it helps keep us a little caught up on your lives. I do wish some of you posted comments more though because I'm beginning to think my blog is boring. If you have time to review it, you definatley have time to drop a line. Only nice one's Sabrina! I only deleted one comment because I was embarrassed. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the pictures. I should be good for awhile on posting but I do have some good ones of Craig & Sarah's wedding. It was a formal wedding and everyone looked fabulous.

PS - The Schlesinger & McKay 2005 Family Portraits are the first we've taken as a family since I was probably 8 years old. It is definately too long to wait. I encourage you all to take generational photos of grandparents and kids ASAP before it's too late. I pray my kids come soon so they can meet my grandparents. It is important to me. Anyway, talk to you all later. It is way past my bedtime. Night Night or Good morning to some of you.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Angie & John Wheat. My MC sister I lived with. Congratulations on their announcement of their new bundle they are expecting! Posted by Hello

Tammie & I with her first baby! Since she won't post a recent picture of herself I thought I would take the liberty!  Posted by Hello

My beautiful family. Posted by Hello

Kristen & I many moons ago. Posted by Hello

My good friends having a going away party for me to send me off to Roseburg.  Posted by Hello

My Pastors Scott & Lynne Jones in Camas, WA whom I miss dearly. Posted by Hello

Ethan & I when he was just a wee babe. He is growing so fast. Posted by Hello

Morgan & I - a good friend I grew up in church with. She always had funky hair. Her mom is a hair dresser. Posted by Hello

Twin sisters Marci & Mandi with their husbands. Posted by Hello

My redneck friends back home. I didn't recognize Justin. He has changed so much. Posted by Hello

High School Buddies Posted by Hello

Washougal High School 10 year Reunion! Posted by Hello

Tom & Lisa Rosette & I enjoying ice cream on a hot day. Posted by Hello

My good friend Lisa and her baby duckling's in Hood River, OR Posted by Hello

Jamie's Birthday - My friends and I filled her room up with balloons to the ceiling then took her to Los Dos! Posted by Hello

The Weeks Family in Hood River, OR Posted by Hello

My good friend Nikki & I Posted by Hello

2004 GL Graduation/Reunion Posted by Hello

Labor Day 2004 Posted by Hello

My lovely parents!  Posted by Hello

The Schlesinger's & McKay's! Posted by Hello

Kisses for my Mattie. Posted by Hello

Me & my daddy! Posted by Hello