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I love life and the family and friends God has given me. Thanks for sharing your lives with me and may God bless you abundantly!

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I enjoy taking pictures, going fun places with my friends, and spending time with my family.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Guess who? Danny & I. I haven't seen him for many years and we got to visit for awhile. It was good to see you and catch up! Posted by Picasa

Aren't these fireworks cool? I had fun experiementing with my camera! I figured out that I had to turn my flash off to get these to turn out. I love the amazing colors. Posted by Picasa

Isn't this a cool picture? I love what a camera can capture. I felt like they were whizzing right past us. Posted by Picasa

I was holding on to Kristen for dear life so I wouldn't roll off the roof. Posted by Picasa

I was taking pictures left and right trying to get every firework. They were all so pretty. It was very loud from the roof. Posted by Picasa

I faced one of my fears and got up on the roof to watch the fireworks. I'm afraid of heights but once I was up there it wasn't too bad. It was so fun to see the whole neighborhood lighting everything. We definatley got a panoramic view. Posted by Picasa

Kristen & Ari were being goofy but aren't they cute? Posted by Picasa

My friend Kristen whom I miss dearly and got to spend the 4th of July with. She was visiting from Colorado for the week. Posted by Picasa

Bella & I having fun on the dance floor. Posted by Picasa

Bud, Tina & I soaking up the sun. Posted by Picasa

Tina & I at the Blues Festival on the 4th of July. Can you tell we were getting some sun? It was so bright out. Thanks Tina for doing my hair! I love it. Posted by Picasa

Sean & I were good friends in high school and still good friends after ten years. I miss you guys. Posted by Picasa

The Homestaad Family and myself. Sean, Darla & Amelia are good friends of mine. Posted by Picasa

The beautiful Mt. Hood. It was such a nice day. Posted by Picasa

Having fun in the sun. Posted by Picasa

Misty taken a spin behind the boat. She can really hold on. Curt had fun whipping her around. Posted by Picasa

Ethan had fun in the water. He didn't like the life jacket too much though. Posted by Picasa

Curt, Ruth & Ethan! He looked so cute in her socks. Posted by Picasa

Getting ready for a ride behind the boat. Boy were are muscles sore the next few days. Posted by Picasa

Sitting by the fire to get warm. The mosquitos went crazy and loved to bite. Posted by Picasa

My friend Jeremy playing his guitar. He is the worship leader at Calvary Community in Camas, WA. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Tired boy and mommy & daddy. Time to go home and take a nap. Posted by Picasa

I love Portland. It is fun to visit and go "shopping." Posted by Picasa

Walking back down the waterfront to head home. Posted by Picasa

Some people don't like crowds (no names) but I I love it. Posted by Picasa