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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Pictures Galore - Photo Albums & Scrapbooking

Last night I decided to pull out all my pictures and I can't believe how many I have. Well, maybe I can because I am the queen of taking pictures and collecting them. Anyways, it is so fun to go through them all. The majority of them are from growing up. As you can see below I have some great blackmail pictures of my darling baby brother. All these pictures bring back so many memories (some good and some not so so good).

I have been slowly buying scrapbooking stuff because I am really interested in starting. I know it takes a lot of time and money so we'll see how far I get. Photo albums seem so much easier and quicker but I want to try scrapbooking and let my creative juices flow!!! We have a lot of ladies in our church who scrapbook and go to conferences so I'm sure I'll learn some great ideas from them.

I will be randomly posting pictures of my childhood and my parents in their younger years. They are so cute and hip. I love you mom and dad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!