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Friday, September 23, 2005

Ducks vs. Montana

So I went to my first college football game and it was crazy fun. I have never been to a Ducks game but I know we have a ton of fans in Oregon. My friend Rachel has tickets and took me and we had a blast.

At first we sat in what I thought would be a nice section but my luck I ended up sitting in front of a girl that drove me crazy. She had one of those quacky duck whistles and went crazy. I wanted to rip it from her mouth and throw it far away. I finally told Rachel that I had to move to keep my sanity. We moved to a much better section.

We had a blast and I am looking forward to going to another game tomorrow. I pray it's nice and sunny and doesn't rain. Some day I would love to go to a professional game. Even though I don't really understand the whole game it's fun to watch all the fans go crazy when their team scores a touchdown. Go Ducks!

I have never seen so many crazy fans in my life. The band was a highschool band from Vancouver, WA and they rocked. Posted by Picasa

What a huge team. Posted by Picasa

Does Rache look cold? It never rains at the Autzen Stadium. Posted by Picasa

Let's make some noise. Posted by Picasa

Let's win this game. Posted by Picasa

Go Ducks! Posted by Picasa