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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Let's go camping!!! We're going to have lots of fun! Sabrina doing her crossword puzzle and Matthew focused on the drive. Go slow around those corners.  Posted by Picasa

Who's ready to set up the tents? Posted by Picasa

Bryce & Sophie taking a ride on the rope swing. Posted by Picasa

Matthew helping us set up our tent. The girls shared a tent and some of the others brought their campers. They didn't want to rough it out. Posted by Picasa

Let me explain. We set the tent up before clearing the rocks and it was hard and lumpy. I volunteerd to get under the tent to clear the rocks. Someone decided to start taking snapshots of my backside. Nice tuckus though wouldn't you say? Posted by Picasa

Our first day we arrived to Loon Lake. We had to sit on the dock and enjoy the beauty. It reminds me of a the song, "Sitting on the dock of the bay, watching the tide role away." Posted by Picasa

I've got it made in the shade.  Posted by Picasa

What a mean mommy making Sophie go on the innertube. Can you see the fear, crying and fuss she's making? She actually had to let her off because there was nothing to hold on to. Posted by Picasa

My beautiful family (part of them anyway)! I had so much fun camping with you guys. We need to plan a family trip. Posted by Picasa

Time for some smore's. Who doesn't like chocolate and marshmallow's? Sabrina likes them burnt. Posted by Picasa

My favorite sister. I love you Sabrina and I am glad to have you in my life. Posted by Picasa

Sophie with her blankie and fingers in the mouth. Matthew sucked his thumb too (when he was younger of course). Shhhh, don't tell anyone. It was cute. Posted by Picasa

Shawn, Wyndee & Bryce sitting around the campfire. They are such a cute family. Posted by Picasa

Kyle throwing out the air chair to go for a ride. If any of you haven't seen someone ride this thing before, it is hillarious. He sits on this chair and it is so funny. He catches some great waves and flies in the air. Posted by Picasa

Rachelle showing off and riding the bull.  Posted by Picasa

Hold on tight. Let's see who will fall off first. Posted by Picasa

Laying out on the dock to take a break and catch some rays. Put on that sun block so you don't get burned and get skin cancer. Posted by Picasa

The manly studs showing off their muscles and bods. Posted by Picasa

Getting ready for another boat ride. Posted by Picasa

Carolyn on the ski's. She popped up only after a few tries. Better than I can do. Posted by Picasa

Are we having fun yet? Posted by Picasa

Are you ready for a ride because this thing can fly. Kyle was taking us for a few spins and nearly threw us out of the boat. It had some of us so sick that we lost our dinner. Posted by Picasa

I love you Sophie. Thanks for staying with me in my tent to keep me warm and safe at night. Posted by Picasa

Sophie would come visit me in the tent to take a break and listen to music. Posted by Picasa

We ran out of firewood so Charles brought his saw to chop some more wood up. We stayed nice and warm. Posted by Picasa